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Our apples are the perfect gift for any occasion. Offer our apples as dessert at your next dinner party for a unique and delicious ending to a great meal!

Candy Apples

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Candy Apple Shoppe

Sinfully healthy!  Choose from our 40 varieties of gourmet caramel apples.  We start with a fresh crisp Granny smith apple and coat it in a thick creamy layer of caramel and from there the madness begins with a large selection of delicious toppings.  Each apple is individually wrapped in a cello bag and ribboned.

Our gourmet pretzel sticks are an adventure all on their own – who knew a pretzel stick could pack on so much scrumptious yummy flavor.  We offer 17 different flavors with each one starting with a layer of creamy caramel, it is hard to decide which to pick so you may want to try each one in order to choose  your favorite.

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Triple Play Close UP Cookies n Creme w Milk Chocolate close up Chocolate Covered Candy Close Up Nougat, Peanut w Milk Chocolate close up

Satisfied Apple Eaters


The apples were an absolute hit at the wedding. Our guests loved them, and are still talking about them!
Thank you so much for your congratulations and your superb customer service from start to finish.