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Dreams do come true – we began our journey into the confectionery world in 2005  With a dream to leave our corporate jobs behind and find a future where we could control our own destiny and build a business with hard work and dedication, we took a trip to the country in April of 2003 to see about the possibility of purchasing the Apple Valley Inn Bed and Breakfast.  As it would turn out there is such a thing as love at first sight and we sealed the deal and a month later become the new owners of the Apple Valley Inn Bed & Breakfast.  Recognizing the challenge ahead to renovate an 1831 building and build a business, we retained our corporate jobs and worked double time to figure out this new venture.  So began a very big juggling act, staying focused on our day jobs which were located about 1 ½ hours from the Inn ( in and around NYC) and returning home at night to do any number of projects (demolition, deep cleaning, painting, decorating, marketing, customer relations, etc) and all else that goes into bringing an Inn back to life!  We were invigorated, excited and running on all systems but also tuned into our situation enough to recognize we would need a second business to attain our dream of independence.

That recognition brought about a volleying of ideas on how to revitalize an old building on the grounds of the Apple Valley Inn B&B, which had at one time served as a distillery for the original owner back in the 1800’s.  In addition, and more importantly, was the decision of what would reside in this newly renovated space.  From here the dream of the Candy Apple Shoppe became a reality and in April of 2005 we opened our doors for business.  We dedicated the same energy to build our chocolate business as we had the Inn and as a new business, which was built from the ground up, we had a significant number of challenges spanning from developing our skill as chocolatiers to enticing our customers to visit us tucked away in the countryside.  Staying true to our mission of providing a fresh quality product and the best customer service we could offer, the Candy Apple Shoppe began to build a solid and good reputation which continues to serve us well today.  Always looking to develop new products we introduced a line our gourmet caramel pretzel rods which have garnered great popularity with our clients and continue to be one of our most requested items.  In 2015 expansion was on the horizon and we opened our second Candy Apple Shoppe in Warwick NY.  We continue to educate ourselves in the world of confections and develop new and desirable products for our clients.  Most recently we have dedicated great time and attention towards our custom chocolate molds which we offer not only year round but for the holidays, as well as special events (weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc).  You are welcome to visit either of our locations and glimpse a little bit of our Chocolate Paradise.

We invite you to consider a stay at the Apple Valley Inn and while you are here you can pop into the Candy Apple Shoppe for a sweet treat or two.

We hope to see and or hear from you soon!
Lauren & Leigh
Candy Apple Shoppe
Apple Valley Inn B&B
“Home of Sweet Dreams and Sweet Treats”
973-764-3735 – Inn
973-764-4060 – Candy Apple Shoppe – Glenwood NJ
845-544-1844 – Candy Apple Shoppe – Warwick NY



Satisfied Apple Eaters

Jaime & Rob

Thank you so much for creating such amazing apples for my favors. They were such a HUGE hit! Still 8 months later I am getting people raving about how delicious they were! I have been to your shoppe several times since and we are never disappointed! I would and have recommended the Candy Apple Shoppe to everyone!